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miller lite – second un-manly thing

This Miller Lite ad was part of a larger campaign that ran throughout the year 2011. A major strategy of the Miller Lite company in their advertisements is to associate drinking their product with “manliness”. The character made fun of in this commercial is seen as “un-manly” for drinking a different beer, and for screaming on a roller coaster.


Is there something inherently “manly” about drinking a Miller Lite? Why does the company try to associate their product with this quality? What does it mean to be “manly”?

What is the role of the women who are in this ad? What purpose does their presence serve?


This commercial can be critiqued for being part of a long tradition of advertisements that equate the purchase of their product with being the right choice for a masculine man. It is also part of a long tradition in which men who are not seen as being properly masculine are made fun of, even by their own friends.

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