screenshot of the the article "picking your own name" from inside higher ed

Picking Your Own Name – Inside Higher Ed

Read this article from Inside High Ed called “Picking Your Own Name.”

Inside Higher Ed is an online media platform that provides news and information about colleges and universities. Their content is directed to students, professors, or anyone interested in higher education matters. In this article published in September of 2019, they discuss the rise in universities adopting chosen name and preferred pronouns policies. The article discusses examples of transgender students’ experiences with the policy changes and why they believe they’re important. 


What is the main issue addressed in the article?

Why did the universities decide to adopt this policy? How does the decision of the university affect the lives of transgender students?

According to the article, how has the cisgender student population reacted to the new policy? Were all of them supportive?

How do you think other institutions can participate in the fight for the rights of transgender people to be called and recognized for their identity?

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