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Rap Against Rape

“Rap Against Rape” is a rap song and music video made by two women in India known as the BomBaebs. Published online in early 2015 after several well-publicized instances of sexual violence in India, the song draws attention to elements in Indian culture that are supportive of sexual violence. The video addresses issues of domestic violence, street harassment, femicide, and hypocritical politicians. The BomBaebs argue that sexual violence is not caused by what a woman wears or by her being in public unescorted, but instead is related to misogyny.


How would you outline the argument the BomBaebs are making? What is their main point?

How does sexual violence extend beyond specific acts of sexual assault? How is sexual violence a larger cultural issue and how is this brought up in the video/lyrics?

Who do the BomBaebs see as responsible for sexual violence? How do they call for change?

Does where you live have similar issues to those discussed by the BomBaebs? Could you write a rap or piece of poetry or short story that addresses the connection between your culture and sexual violence, including how the situation can be improved?

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