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“Real You” Public Relations

This clip was posted by the YouTube comedy channel Funny Or Die as a mock commercial for a Public Relations firm called Real You PR. The firm works to make sure that the media uses the right image for Black people (all men, in this case) who are victims of police brutality. This video uses humor to critique portrayals of people of color in the news. The ad gives various fabricated scenarios that show how news media selectively use only part of a photo, thereby painting a more sinister or stereotypical image of the supposed perpetrator. Real You PR assures potential clients that they will find and show the “whole” picture, including the worst possible image of the arresting officer.


In the beginning of the video, the actors say “it’s a well known fact that arrests in this country are racially biased towards African Americans.” How is this mock ad a commentary on racial bias?

How does the video use conventions from advertising? How does it mock real advertisements?

Why does the PR team promise to get the “whole picture”?

How would you describe this approach to commenting on police brutality and media portrayals? Do you think that this humorous approach is effective in communicating the message? Are there any disadvantages to using humor to comment on a serious issue?

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