score! superman does it again t-shirt

This t-shirt features superhero characters Superman and Wonder Woman embraced in a passionate kiss with the words, “Score!” in one corner, and “Superman does it again” in the other. Superman is fully clothed in his superhero outfit, while Wonder Woman is in hers, which shows a large portion of her arms, back, and legs.


Who is the main character of this image? How do you know? Who is the person involved in the action, and who is being acted upon? How does this image reduce Wonder Woman’s identity to her relationship to Superman?

Who is “scoring” and what does it mean? What does “Superman does it again” mean?

If the roles were reversed, would the text still make sense? Why or why not?

How does “scoring” relate to masculinity and sexuality? Can women “score”? How do these ideas differ depending on gender?

How are male and female superheroes outfitted differently? Why are men more often fully clothed whereas women are usually showing a lot of their bodies? What does this say about how we value people differently depending on their gender? How is this reflected in the everyday?

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