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shit girls say

“Shit Girls Say” is a YouTube video series produced by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard. The series became a viral hit in 2011 and occasionally featured celebrity cameos. The first episode follows the main character, a male playing a female role, through a series of social interactions. She laments computer difficulties, requests various favors, rummages through her purse, and acts in other manners typically portrayed as female stereotypes.


What is the web series satarizing?

How does having a male play the female lead affect the way we understand the video? Would you read it differently if a female played the lead?

Do the behaviors, ways of speaking, and interests of the main character resonate with you? Do you know people who say these kinds of things or act in these ways?

If the series is intended to be satirical, can it still reinforce stereotypes?

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