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Sister Act

Sister Act (1992) is a movie about Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg), a lounge singer from Reno who has to go into witness protection after she sees her mob-boss boyfriend execute his chauffeur for betraying him to the police. Hidden in St. Katherine’s Parish, she takes on the identity of a Catholic nun, Sister Mary Clarence. Using her musical skills for good, she takes over the direction of the convent choir and brings new life—and acclaim—to the convent. In this scene, we see the choir and Doloris/Sister Mary Clarence singing “My God, a religiously-themed version of Motown hit “My Guy”, much to the horror of the Reverend Mother and the delight of the newly-full church-going audience.


What are some stereotypes of nuns  portrayed in this scene?

What is the relationship between religion and music represented here? Why is the “My Guy” rendition of “My God” so popular with the church-goers?

Is the juxtaposition between Motown music and the nuns in the choir supposed to be funny, or surprising? Why or why not?

Why is religion so often used as a source or topic of humor?


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