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Sunday Candy

Sunday Candy is the first song on the Social Experiment’s album “Surf” (2015). In this short film/music video, Chance the Rapper sings about his Christian faith and how it is is intertwined with his love for his family, and his Grandmother in particular. His close relationship with his grandmother is explained largely through descriptions of religious rituals that she instilled in him and that they enjoyed together. The lyrics of the song are rife with Biblical imagery, as well as lyrical samples from Gospel songs (in particular, “It’s Gonna Rain” by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers).



What are some of the religious rituals that Chance mentions in this song? What is “Sunday candy”?

Why do you think the settings and costumes suggest about the time frame?

What are some of the connections between church and family that are explored in the song?

How are the Biblical references in this song used to describe Chance’s emotions and relationships? What is the power in these references?

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