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The Golden Girls’ Most Outrageous Moments (Compilation) | TV Land

This compilation of clips by network TV Land shows the “most outrageous” clips from the TV show The Golden Girls. Airing from 1985 to 1992, the show stars Beatrice Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak, who when the show starts is a 54-year old substitute teacher and mother recently divorced from her husband Stan; Betty White as Rose Nylund, a 55-year old widower and grief counselor; Rue McClanahan plays Blanche Devereaux, the youngest of the housemates, though her age is unknown, she is also a widower and works for an art museum; and Estelle Getty plays Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy’s mother, she is 79 when the series starts, and also a widower. The sitcom tells the story of the four older women who share friendship and a home in Miami, Florida. This compilation shows clips focused on the character’s sex lives, physical capabilities, and nudity.


What are examples of the “outrageous moments” we see in this clip?

What do you think makes these moments “outrageous”? How do you think this is tied to their age and gender?

Golden Girls received critical acclaim at the time for its portrayal of women in their 50s and older. How have our portrayals of women in their 50s changed?

Can you think of other examples of older women on TV today, how do they compare?

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