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the real l word–promo

This promo describes the reality television series “The Real L Word”, which premiered on the Showtime network in 2010. The show follows a “group of real-life Los Angeles lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play.” This clip focuses on Jil, a writer who describes herself as a “family girl”. The clip involves Jill telling the story of how she met her partner and their plans for marriage.


Jill describes “The Real L Word” as being “groundbreaking”. Why do you think she feels this way? What would be groundbreaking about a reality show that focuses on lesbians in Los Angeles?

Do you think Jill and her partner are representative of all lesbian couples? Why or why not?


The Real L Word has been critiqued for providing a very narrow conception of what it means to be a lesbian in America. It has featured very few women of color, women of lower socio-economic status, more masculine lesbian women, or transgender individuals.

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