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Transgender Day of Visibility

In March 2018, for annual Transgender Day of Visibility, Berlin-based photographer Bex Day teamed up with Adobe Stock to improve their stock photo collection by including more diverse photos of transgender models from across the UK. One photo features 25-year-old Dani St. James, a blonde trans-woman with tattoos wearing ripped jeans and sitting in a cross-legged pose. Another photo shows 54-year-old trans-woman Michaela Robertson wearing business casual and sitting on the side of the road. A third photo shows Lulu Love, a 23-year-old trans woman, standing in her underwear and holding a tube of mascara. A final picture shows a close up of 27-year-old trans-man Jude Harper’s face, sporting a beard and closely cropped hair.


Who did Bex Day take photographs of for Transgender Day of Visibility?

Compare the photo of Jude Harper with the photo of Michaela Robertson?

How do these images challenge stereotypes about transgender people in the media? Why is Transgender Day of Visibility important? What other identities are under-represented in the media?

Why is it important for companies and organizations like Adobe Stock to review their archives? Can you think of another organization or company that could engage in this kind of self-review to be more inclusive?


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