un-fair campaign – poster 1

The Unfair Campaign, which aims to eliminate racism and raise awareness about white privilege, centers on the tagline, “it’s hard to see racism when you’re white.” According to its website, the campaign strives to eliminate racism by challenging white monoculture and its institutions in order to build a more truly multi-cultural community.

The organization released a print campaign consisting of several full-page magazine ads. In the first ad, a girl’s face is covered with handwritten notes like “we’re lucky we don’t get followed by security when we go to the store,” “we’re lucky to be the majority,” “we’re lucky car doors don’t get locked when we walk by,” and “we’re luck we’re white.” A second ad questions whether white skin should be called “fair” if white people are “granted privileges we don’t even realize.” The final ad argues that it’s unfair for white people to receive “better jobs, better pay, better treatment, and a better chance” by virtue of skin color. Each ad urges readers to “break the silence” if they see racism, and to visit the Unfair Campaign website if “you’re not sure what to say.”

NOTE: Read in Conjunction in Un-Fair Campaign – Poster 2 and Poster 3.


Do you think that this ad does a good job of raising awareness about white privilege?

Do you think the ad may be received differently by white and nonwhite audiences? Why or why not?

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