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why are we still talking about racism?

Published in July 2015, this AJ+ video is a compilation of interviews with people discussing why we are and still need to be talking about race, racism, and racial inequities in the United States. The people interviewed are shown answering questions about what racism looks like, how it has changed, and what can be done to push back and move forward. Opening with a man encouraging us to say that #BlackLivesMatter, topics discussed are first hand experiences with housing discrimination, fear and lack of safety due to racial profiling by police and law enforcement, stereotypical media representations, everyday interactions with bosses, friends, and strangers, broken educational and prison systems, symbolic racism, cultural appropriation, colorblind and post-racial discourse, white supremacy, and persistent cycles of privilege and oppression. AJ+ is a digital news, politics, and current events channel by Al Jazeera Media Network.


What kinds of everyday discrimination are the people in the video describing? Where and how do they happen? How do these experiences differ from overt acts of racism? What are their effects?

How would you describe the people shown speaking in this video? What perspectives are missing? Who is not seen and heard from?

What is the difference between talking about race and racial identity, versus talking about racism and racial discrimination? Why do some people advocate “colorblindness,” or that they do not see race, and why does that not work? Who benefits when race is not taken into account?

What do the people in the video identify as things we can do to change racism? Who is responsible for doing this work?

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