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67% Project

The 67% Project is a campaign started in fall 2016 by the women’s digital media and  entertainment company Refinery29. The 67% Project seeks to address the discrepancy in representation of plus size women. In an attempt to address the problem, Refinery29 pledged to make 67% of the images it used on its site those of plus-sized women for one week and to make those images available to any other media outlets who might wish to use them. The website itself provides an overview of the problem and the campaign’s goals through pictures, quotes, and a short video.


What data does the video offer to make its argument about plus size women’s invisibility?

One of the women quoted on the campaign website says that “plus-size women are not niche, but the norm.” What do you think she means by that?

How are media representations of women at various sizes related to how women see themselves? How others see them?

Find a media source such as a fashion magazine or website, and consider how  the representations of women’s bodies in your source compare to the percentages identified by the 67% Project?

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