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Cover the Athlete

#CoverTheAthlete is a short YouTube video that addresses the difference in how reporters ask questions of male versus female athletes. The video is tied to a Twitter hashtag and awareness campaign that began in late 2015; it is similar to the #AskHerMore hashtag that urged reporters to ask actresses more substantial questions than ones about their clothes or diets. The #CoverTheAthlete clip juxtaposes clips of male athletes answering press questions with audio of questions typically asked of female, but not male, athletes in interviews.



What does #CoverTheAthlete mean?

How would you describe the questions that are used in the video? What kinds of things do they ask about? What kinds of things do they not ask about?

Why does the video start with coverage of male athletes? What is your reaction to male athletes being asked these questions? Is it the same or different from your reaction if female athletes were asked these questions? Why?

If you were a sports reporter, what sort of questions would you ask a female athlete in order to #CoverTheAthlete? Why would you ask these questions?


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