Dazed & Confused cover, Fashion-Able

In 1998, fashion designer Alexander McQueen guest edited a special issue of the magazine Dazed and Confused with a 14-page feature called “Accessible, that focused on fashion and disability. This was a first for fashion and a mainstream magazine. McQueen, known for pushing boundaries in his clothing and shows, reached out to multiple British organizations to create a project with other top fashion designers that would highlight disabled individuals. In this photo, taken by fashion photographer Nick Knight, Aimee Mullens models some of McQueen’s clothing while showing off her two artificial legs.


Why do you think this 14-page photo spread was significant when it came out in 1998?

Do you notice Aimee Mullens disability in the photo? How does it compare to the other photos in the feature? What other types of disabilities are included and how would you characterize the photos?

Fashion is largely about aesthetics and business. What is the motivation for designers and editors to include disabled individuals?

Have you seen other disabled individuals featured in fashion photos or on Instagram? Do disabled individuals feel well represented in fashion?


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