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Dillan’s Voice, Apple

In this 2016 ad from Apple, we meet Dillan, an autistic teen who uses Apple technology to help him speak.  Released during Autism Acceptance Month, the ad shows Dillan engaging in the average activities of a high school student–doing homework, working out at the gym, running, going to class. His story is told through voice-assisted technology on an iPad. Here, Dillan is able to share his desire to connect with people and have people understand him, to see that he has a mind, but is inhibited in his communication.


How do we see and learn about Dillan’s disabilities?

How does Apple tie Dillan’s identity (and his empowerment and progress) to their company and technology?

How do you feel about Dillan after watching the ad? How do you feel about Apple after watching the ad? How and why might the ad constructed to make you feel the way you do?

Do you think such an ad can have impact? Can it bring greater acceptance to someone like Dillan? Can you think of other ways to bring attention to a disability like autism?


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