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flo-tv ad – spineless

This commercial advertises FLO TV, Qualcomm’s mobile live television service and accompanying device. The commercial first premiered during the 2010 Super Bowl telecast. In the commercial, sportscaster Jim Nantz is reporting an “injury report” on a man named Jason, who is shown shopping in various sections of a department store with his girlfriend. Jason is shown holding several shopping bags while she shops for bras and underwear, and later, they sniff scented candles together. His “injury,” described by Nantz, is that Jason’s girlfriend has “removed his spine, rendering him incapable of watching the game.” After a plug for the ability to watch live sporting events anywhere you are through FLO TV, the sportscaster says, “change out of that skirt, Jason,” while Jason and his girlfriend are shown in the background discussing a red bra at the cash register.


What group is FLO TV targeting to buy their service and devices? How do you know, and why do you think this is the case? Consider the commercial’s premiere during the Super Bowl. Why would this be selected as an initial venue for the ad?

How are gender roles and expectations related to male-female relationships portrayed?

How are strength, courage, and weakness portrayed? What is their relationship to ideas of masculinity and femininity? What words, phrases and jokes are used to communicate these ideas?

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