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Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup, Amy Schumer

“Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” is a comedy sketch from the third season of Inside Amy Schumer. The clip parodies the pop group One Direction’s single “What Makes You Beautiful,” where One Direction instructs a nameless girl “don’t need makeup to cover up, being the way you are is enough.” The Amy Schumer sketch features a boy band singing to Amy Schumer about how she doesn’t need makeup and should take it all off. When she does so, however, the boys change their minds and quickly tell her that she definitely needs makeup.


How does Schumer react when the boys begin to sing to her and tell her she doesn’t need makeup or women’s magazines?

What made the boy band change their minds and begin telling  Schumer that she actually needed makeup (even in her sleep)?

The boy band encourages Schumer to make her makeup “natural-looking.” How would you compare natural-looking makeup to Schumer’s “natural look” that is makeup free? Is natural-looking makeup different or the same from someone’s natural look?

What is your interpretation of this clip? What message do you think it’s trying to relate? Could we make a similar sketch directed at boys/men? What would it focus on?

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