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I’m Native, But I’m Not…

In this video posted on Buzzfeed’s As/Is youtube channel,  As/Is is a channel affiliated with Buzzfeed, a US news media company. Founded in 2006 in New York City by Jonah Peretti. In it, we see several Native Americans talking about stereotypes that are commonly attributed to them but that don’t necessarily apply. Afterward, they share real facts about their lives, such as their profession, mental health status, and interesting facts about themselves. This video generates a debate about the prejudices that are created about certain people.  The video ends with actress Cara Jade Myers stating: “we are native, and we are still here…obviously.” 


Who are the people who appear in the video? What do they have in common?

What stereotypes commonly attributed to Native Americans did you hear in the video? 

What do you think Cara Jade Myers meant at the end of the video, when she said “we are native, and we are still here…obviously”?

Can you think of other media representations of native folk? If so, does this video challenge any of them?

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