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Labels Against Women, Pantene ad

“Labels Against Women” is a November 2013 television advertisement for Pantene from the Philippines; shortly after it aired, it received international attention and was widely posted online. The ad compares how men and women are perceived and labeled differently in different contexts, concluding that women should not let labels hold them back.


How is the ad structured as a comparison? How does the comparative structure support the ad’s message?

Other than the different labels shown with men and women, how are men and women in this ad portrayed differently? Are there props, costuming, or other elements that distinguish the scenes with men compared to those with the women? What is the importance of these differences?

The clip only reveals that it is an ad for Pantene at the very end. Why would a company choose to use this strategy? What effects do you think it has on peoples’ perceptions of the product and the company?

The ad shifts from comparing how men and women are labeled in business environments to comparing labels tied to appearance. How are these two things related? Does this make the ad more or less effective? Why or why not?

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