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Are Female Emojis Sexist? (Mic)

This clip, produced in 2016 by the digital news outlet, Mic, addresses Google’s proposal to address the lack of emojis depicting professional women. The video explains that while some people do not think this is an important issue, having female emojis that only depict women doing stereotypically feminine activities is problematic.


Why does the video say making professional women emojis is an important issue?

Why do some people feel that making professional women emojis is not an important issue? Do you see this as a problem or not?

Since this video was released, Google has created and released the professional female emojis. How would you investigate to see what the impact of this change were?

Are there any missing emoji that depict other genders (or other identities) doing particular activities or jobs? If so, what new emoji would you create to address this problem?

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