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Men Face Too Much Pressure to Bulk Up (ATTN)

“Men face way too much pressure to bulk up” is a short video posted online by ATTN:, the online media company that produces  content focused on a variety of social issues. This video draws attention to the fact that various forms of media encourage men to “get ripped” and have large, well-defined muscles. The video explains how many men feel too skinny despite not being underweight.


How and where are men told to “bulk up” according the the video? What different media influence men’s perceptions of their bodies?

How is the idea that men need to be muscular related to other ideas of what it means to “be a man” or to be masculine?

Do you think that media depictions of muscular men promote an unrealistic body image? Why or why not?

How did the statistics used in the video help convey its argument? Is the video expository/informational or a piece of advocacy?

If you had to create guidelines for the “best practices” depicting men (or women) in media, what would they be?

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