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Older Millennials Are Getting a Rebrand

This three-minute video from the YouTube news and culture show ThinkTank features hosts Hannah Cranston and Jason Carter discussing the news that some older millennials (born between 1977-1983) are trying to rebrand themselves. Specifically, the group has created a different category: “X-ennials” distinguishing them from younger millennials (born between 1984-1997) and accounting for their unique experiences between Generation X and the Millennial generation.


How do the hosts characterize the millennial generation? Have you heard these characteristics before?

What is your generation called? What positive and negative attributes are associated with it? What do you know about the generations above and below you?

Who creates and defines generational categories? If you do not identify with the characteristics of the generational category assigned to your age, can you opt out of the generational label? Why or why not?

How do stereotypes and assumptions about our age affect how we are treated? How do these categories affect what we imagine is possible for ourselves?

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