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“Worlds Apart,” Heineken

Heineken International, a Dutch brewing company, released the advertisement “Worlds Apart” in the UK in April of 2017 in partnership with a non-profit called The Human Library™, which aims to dismantle discrimination, challenge stereotypes, and unify diverse individuals through open and honest dialogue.  Following the divisive US election of Donald Trump and Brexit (the UK decision to withdraw from the European Union), Heineken’s advertisement encourages the solidarity of opposing sides through a social experiment. Two individuals with completely contrasting viewpoints are tasked with a cooperative, physical bridge-building activity, a Q&A and conversation over a beer, ultimately illuminating how we are all more alike than different.


How were the individuals paired in this experiment similar? How were they dissimilar?

What does Heineken want the audience want to take away from this experiment? Why would they choose this experiment to promote their product?

Is it important for us to acknowledge our similarities as well as our differences? Why or why not? How might it be beneficial to civilly engage with those who have differing beliefs?

What are some other examples of brands using politically charged issues to promote their product? Is it ethical or problematic for companies to capitalize upon sensitive, divisive issues?

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