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pinksourcing (kristen bell)

“Pinksourcing with Kristen Bell,” is a satirical video produced by The Huffington Post that prods companies to consider “pinksourcing” (hiring women as a cheap domestic source of labor) over outsourcing labor to other countries. It suggests that pinksourcing is advantageous because women in the United States make a fraction of men’s salaries, are afforded fewer healthcare benefits, and don’t require promotions to higher positions.


How does the video comment on assumptions and expectations about women’s role in the workplace and the home?

What kind of commentary is the video making about women’s labor and pay?

How does the video address the pay gap in relation to gender as well as race? How does it take an “intersectional” perspective on teh wage gap?

Why does the video raise other issues such as birth control and medical coverage in relation to the workplace?

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