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plus is equal – lane bryant ad

This advertisement is part of U.S. plus-size clothing company Lane Bryant’s “Plus is Equal” campaign, which calls out fashion magazines for not doing more to represent the majority of women who are bigger than the thin norms most prominently seen and celebrated in the fashion and entertainment industries. The ad shows a group of full-figured women confidentially walking towards the camera, first in lingerie, and then with fashionable clothes on, with  rhythmic, percussive music in the background. As the women model their bodies and clothes, a woman’s voice says, “ I don’t think it matters what size you are. I think it’s time to represent all kinds of women. Proud, strong, fashion forward, stylish, super awesome – everyone deserves to be celebrated. No one’s ignoring us anymore.” The ad closes with the campaign tagline “Plus is Equal,” and then “Lane Bryant.”


What kinds of bodies are deemed beautiful and attractive in fashion magazines and in the fashion and entertainment industries? How are people who do not fit in these norms represented?

What is the range of sizes that are usually available at the clothing stores you commonly go to? Where do people get clothes if they cannot fit into these sizes? How do you think it affects your shopping experience if most clothing stores do not carry clothes that can fit your body?

The goal of this advertisement campaign is to critique the limited representation and visibility of fuller-figured beautiful, strong women in fashion and entertainment. Why is it important to also understand that Lane Bryant is a plus-sized clothing company whose profits depend on selling clothes to plus-sized women?

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