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Pint-Size CEO

The New York Times in an American newspaper based in New York City. In this New York Times Video from 2015, we meet Moziah Bridges a thirteen-year-old with his own company, Mo’s Bows. Mo tells us that he began making bow ties at the age of nine, when he asked his grandmother to teach him to sew. Now he has five of his family members working for him, and he sells his bow ties for forty to sixty dollars a piece. His mother quit her job in sales to help run the company. She says that she makes the decisions but that it is Mo’s choice to have the company. The video focuses primarily on Mo’s relationship with his mother. Mo says that his mother holds the company together, but he finds it difficult to work with her sometimes. Mo’s mother also says that her biggest challenge is keeping Mo’s life in balance. Mo is shown going about his daily life: at home, at school, being interviewed at a local television station, being inducted into the Tennessee State Museum, and enjoying his thirteenth birthday party with his family.


What different parts of his life do we see Mo managing in this clip?

How is Mo different from other boys his age? Why does he sometimes have problems at school?

What is the meaning of the title “The Pint-Size C.E.O.?” What metaphor is it using? In what light does it show Mo?

In what ways does Mo challenge stereotypes about race and gender as well as age?



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