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The Fight for $15

In this 2015 video from The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, we meet Sabrina Johnson and Edith Figueroa, two fast food workers, who are a part of the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Johnson, who is 23 years old, works three jobs so that her sister can spend more time with her kids, while Figueroa, who works seven days a week at two jobs, does not have enough time for her kids. We also meet Johnson’s friend and fellow organizer, Joanny, and we watch them cooking together.


Who are Sabrina Johnson and Edith Figueroa, and what images do we see of their lives?

How do Sabrina and Edith explain why they are fighting? How many hours do they work? What kind of work do they do?

Why do Johnson and Figueroa want the minimum wage to be raised? How will it impact their lives? What other lives will it impact?

How does Sabrina explain the decision to strike? How does she plan to organize and advocate for change? Do her actions inspire you to change anything in your life?




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