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She Started It

She Started It (2014) is a documentary that examines women tech entrepreneurs. The trailer explains that there are very few women who create tech startups or receive funding from venture capitalists. In order to provide young girls with role models, this documentary follows the stories of several women tech entrepreneurs as they work to advance their products, receive funding, etc.


The trailer starts with a focus of gendered roles in childhood, and shifts to a screen with three statistics about women in tech and business? What kind of connection is the trailer trying to create?

What is the argument the trailer makes for the importance of visible female role models? Why are role models important, particularly in this field?

Does the trailer make any distinctions between women tech entrepreneurs and other women? If yes, what are they? If not, why might this be important?

If you were making a documentary about women tech entrepreneurs, what would you want to include that wasn’t shown in the trailer? Why?

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