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stranger things–robin comes out to steve

In this scene from the third season of Stranger Things (2019), Robin and Steve share an intimate moment in a movie theater restroom. Robin admits that she likes Steve, despite having chided him during their work at the ice cream shop in previous episodes. Robin confesses to Steve that she is unlike his other friends, including his former girlfriend, Nancy. Reflecting on a high school memory from one of their shared classes, Robin reveals that she had a crush on one of their female classmates, not Steve. Befuddled at first, Steve realizes that Robin is coming out to him. The seriousness of the moment is broken as Steve  and Robin proceed to make fun of Robin’s crush.


How does Robin come out to Steve? Why does she start by telling him how much she likes him?

How does Steve react to the revelation that Robin is gay? Why is he initially confused?

Why does Steve make fun of Tammy? How does this change the tone in the scene?

How does this scene compare to other coming out scenes you’ve seen in film and television? How does it compare to coming out videos on social media or in your personal experience?


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