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In this 2016 episode of Superstore, the NBC sitcom about Walmart-esque big box store, Amy and Jonah contact Employee Services in the hopes of securing paid maternity leave for one of their co-workers. The person on the phone from the corporate office indicates that they do not and cannot offer this employee benefit. Jonah mentions that other large corporations with unions do offer paid family leave. The words “union” and “strike” trigger the corporate office, and leads to the call being transfer up the administrative chain to the legal department and a promised visit to their store the next day.


What kind of commentary is this scene making about employee benefits packages at large corporations?

Why does Jonah mention unions, and why is this term (along with the word “strike”) so triggering for the people on the phone? What are they worried about?

Why do the people in the corporate office tell Amy and Jonah to “step back from the ledge”?

Why do you think  some large corporations offer family leave (among other disability benefits) and not others? Is this something worth changing? What would be the best way to change such corporate policies?

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