This print ad for a Swiffer Sweeper + Vac portrays a slender woman in a well-kept, modern house wearing a large, leather carpenter’s belt full of cleaning products. The tagline reads simply, “Or get a Swiffer Sweeper + Vac.” This simple image relies on the viewer to have a few pre-concieved notions about men and women, and by extension, men’s work and women’s work.


What pre-conceived notions about men and women (and their work) does the ad rely on?

Is this ad be similar or different from others trying to sell household cleaning products? How are the tools on her belt comparable (or not) to the Swiffer?

Does the ad offer any kind of commentary about women’s work? If so, what is it?

Can you come up with an ad targeting men using the same gender reversal? What product would the ad be for and what would it look like?

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