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Target Women–Back 2 School

“Target Women” was a segment from the half-hour, satirical news show, InfoMania, on Current TV, from 2007 to 2010. American comedian Sarah Haskins wrote and starred in this segment, which comments on products, advertising, and media aimed at women. In this segment from “Target Women,” Haskins, impersonating a teen-aged vlogger, mocks advertising targeted at teenage girls.


What is Sarah Haskins making fun of in this “Target Women” segment?

What specific strategies for advertising to teenage girls does Haskins draw attention to? Think about words, celebrity endorsements, narrative tie-ins, etc.

Explain the gap between Haskin’s character in this clip and how teenage girls are represented in the advertisements targeted at them? How does this gap add to the satirical humor of the clip?

What advertising motifs can you think of that are used to target teenage boys? What about middle-aged women?

Can you think of any ads you might want to satirize? Would you follow Haskins’ model or use a different approach?


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