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target women – beauty contraptions

Target Women was a comedic segment written by Sarah Haskins and produced for the Current TV show Infomania from 2007-2010. The aim of Target Women was to provide a social commentary related to a diverse set of products, advertising, and media aimed at American women. In this segment, Haskins takes on the issue of “Beauty Contraptions”. From the “Neck Slimmer” to “Shape Ups” to “Vibrating Mascara”, Haskins runs through advertisements for products that all promise women spectacular beauty thanks to some new, exciting contraption! Fundamentally, she asks her audience to think critically about the way ideas of beauty are sold to them.


The “Beauty and Personal Care” market is a huge industry in the United States and around the world. What do you think the driving force of that market is? That is, why are people so willing to invest their hard-earned money on beauty contraptions like the ones depicted in the Target Women segment?

Should we feel bad or ashamed to want to look good? Or is it okay for people to invest their time, effort and money in beauty care?

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