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target women – you’re old

Target Women was a comedic segment written by Sarah Haskins and produced for the Current TV show Infomania from 2007-2010. The aim of Target Women was to provide a social commentary related to a diverse set of products, advertising, and media aimed at women in the U.S. In this segment Haskins takes on the issue of “getting old”. She pokes fun at a variety of pharmaceutical products and their advertisements as she explores the ways in which getting old is depicted in contemporary media.


What issues does Haskins discuss “old” women experiencing?

At the outset of the segment, Haskins points out that, since turning 30 years old this week, she is officially “old”. While she is clearly joking, reflect on the meaning of Haskins’ statement? At what point is someone considered “old” in our society? Is there a different point at which women as opposed to men become “old”?

Haskins makes fun of a lot of the language and visual imagery used in the pharmaceutical advertisements directed toward older women. Why do you think advertisers choose to employ these types of language strategies in their commercials?

Have representations of women when it comes to age changed in the past ten years?

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