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you look disgusting

“You Look Disgusting” is a short video made by a beauty blogger (My Pale Skin’s Em Ford) illustrating reactions she received when she posted images of herself with and without make-up on social media. Ford received comments from over 100,000 viewers, and the video has been viewed over 7 million times within its first few days online. Without make-up, she was inundated with comments calling her disgusting and hideous. She proceeded to cover her acne, contour her face, glue-on false eyelashes and plump her lips with gloss. This version garnered comments applauding her glamor, exalting her perfection and asking her beauty secrets. At the same time, she was also criticized for false advertising, applying too much make-up, and presenting a misleading front.


What are society’s expectations of women regarding make-up? How does the video address these expectations?

Where do we get ideas about what is beautiful and how we are supposed to achieve it?

Do men and women have different expectations about how they are supposed to look?

What purpose does make-up serve and for whom? Is make-up a tool for self-expression? Crafting an ideal self?  Living up to an ideal of beauty?

Is make-up a form of false advertising? Why or why not?

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